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Our Mission

The purpose of the 1199NE Training & Upgrading Fund is to provide eligible members with the opportunities to realize their potential through personal growth and development, enhancement of skills and knowledge, achievement of academic goals, and career advancement in the health care field.

Our History

Connecticut Nursing Homes—1985 to Present

The 1199NE Training & Upgrading Fund was established in 1985 by the New England Healthcare Employees Union, District 1199NE, and a group of nursing homes in Connecticut with whom the union had collective bargaining contracts.  When the Fund was created in 1985, 11 nursing homes paid into it. Currently there are 54 homes contributing. The Training Fund has successfully constructed a career and educational ladder that has enabled thousands of nursing home workers to improve their basic academic skills, achieve high school diplomas, prepare for college, earn college degrees, and move into new jobs as LPNs, RNs and a variety of other professions.  In doing so, the Fund has helped to transform the lives of members, helped the union by developing potential leaders, and helped the nursing home industry by supporting the development of skilled and educated workers.

The Fund also works collaboratively with the Union and contributing nursing homes on Labor-Management training projects. These can include bringing in expert consultants to offer on-site staff training on topics such as:

Since 2022, the Fund has worked with the Union and some contributing nursing homes to develop and implement a CNA apprenticeship training program. This program includes:

Connecticut Personal Care Attendants (PCAs)—2016 to Present

The Connecticut PCA program is a product of the Independent Living Movement, which evolved from the Civil Rights/Disability Rights movement in the United States. The Connecticut PCA waiver program began in 1996 and has since evolved into what is today. Through this program, consumers can employ their own staff and take control of their own care. Therefore, these consumers are known as consumer-employers. These consumer-employers hire Personal Care Attendants, or PCAs, to assist with many aspects of their daily lives.

The PCA Orientation Program at the 1199 Training Fund was established by the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the State of Connecticut PCA Workforce Council and the New England Healthcare Employees Union, District 1199 NE. Funds negotiated by the Union with the State of Connecticut are used to administer the program. Attending a PCA orientation is a condition of employment (mandatory) for any PCA hired on or after January 1, 2015. PCAs are paid a stipend upon completion of their orientation.

Over the years, collective bargaining agreements have also provided funding for voluntary trainings for PCAs to expand their knowledge and skills. Currently the collective bargaining agreement funds the paid Voluntary Trainings Program, Advanced Voluntary Training Program and Tuition Reimbursement Program. For more information, please visit the CT PCA portion of our website.

Rhode Island Hospitals and Personal Care Attendants (PCAs)—2018 to Present

Women & Infants Hospital

In their 2018 collective bargaining agreement, the New England Healthcare Employees Union, District 1199 and Women & Infants Hospital agreed that the hospital would provide funds each year to be used for a variety of training programs for their employees who were represented by the Union.  These funds have been used for tuition reimbursement, apprenticeship training programs, and a variety of other collaborative training opportunities.

In 2023 over 200 WIH nurses have used these funds for a prep course to prepare for their Electronic Fetal Monitoring certification exam. In addition, the funds have been used for 40 nurses to take ED Triage training.

In Fall 2023 the Training Fund is helping to coordinate an innovative Nurse Mentoring program at WIH.  The negotiated funds have helped to pay for a national consultant, the Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP) to design and implement the program.

Butler Hospital

As of October 2021, as stated in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between District 1199NE and Butler Hospital, the hospital contributes funds to be used for tuition reimbursement and other training programs.  How the Fund is expended is determined by a committee made up of an equal number of members appointed by Management and the Union.  In Fall 2022, a group of Butler Hospital employees completed a CAN/Mental Health certification program, and similar trainings are planned for the future.

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