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Our Mission

The purpose of the 1199NE Training & Upgrading Fund is to provide eligible members with the opportunities to realize their potential through personal growth and development, enhancement of skills and knowledge, achievement of academic goals,  and career advancement in the health care field.

Our History

The 1199NE Training & Upgrading Fund was established in 1987 by the New England Health Care Employees Union, District 1199NE, and a group of nursing homes in Connecticut with whom the union had collective bargaining contracts.  The Fund is financed by participating employers who have contracts with the union.  The money paid into the Fund is part of the total wages and benefits negotiated between District 1199NE and your employer. When the Fund was created in 1987, 11 nursing homes paid into it. Currently there are 53 homes contributing.

The Training Fund has successfully constructed a career and educational ladder that has enabled thousands of nursing home workers to improve their basic academic skills, achieve high school diplomas, prepare for college, earn college degrees, and move into new jobs as LPNs, RNs and a variety of other professions.  In doing so, the Fund has helped to transform the lives of members, helped the union by developing potential leaders, and helped the nursing home industry by supporting the development of skilled and educated workers.

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Helpful links to our affiliates the international union, the Connecticut General Assembly and the Community Colleges and Universities throughout Connecticut

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