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Career and College Counseling

Guidance for School and Career

Susan Oliver, College and Career Counseling

The Training Fund Staff create and deliver innovative education services.

Benefits - We provide services and prepare specific member/student through expanded intentional and purposeful Career/Academic counseling, coaching and resources.

►The Career/Academic Counselor develops academic models that focus on careers that allow students to break out of the confines of viewing career opportunities based solely on college majors and opens the door to a larger variety of options.

Most importantly, we are with you every step of the way to guide through the education journey.

► The 1199NE Career/Academic Counselor collaborates with Tech school/campus units and departments to ensure career messages, advice, exploration, preparation, and internships are woven into the fabric of the member/student experience.

► We incorporate career exploration and development into tech schools and pre-college programs to provide tailored career counseling & coaching, programming, and career networking.

This is your chance to change from a job to career. Image

Our goals are to provide opportunities for members/students and to assist in uncovering and discovering several avenues for your unique career education.

The Career Counselor embraces the Training Fund’s commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence and is dedicated to ensuring all eligible members/students’ experiences, perspectives and backgrounds are respected, recognized, and integrated into career planning and development. Included in our charge, we strive to prepare our diverse populations for career success.

►We encourage and teach our members/students to adapt flexible and open-mindedness about the variety of opportunities available to them (on-site and online, in their communities, and around CT.

► Identify classes that offer professional development and/or internship components, map and implement plans to expand relevant career content in these classes.

LPN Prep/TCC classes

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Admissions and Placement Test Preparation

Here is your opportunity to pass the Admissions/Placement test.

►Our classes equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the technical school and college TEAS, Wonderlic, Accuplacer Admission tests.  We provide specific course content, knowledge, learning skills and support necessary for success in certificate and degree programs.

The 1199 Training Fund provides a healthy, and supportive environment in which members/students pursue their technical school/ college and career pathways while developing leadership skills essential for their success.

The Career/Academic Counselor:

Tutoring Services

The Training Fund offers Individualized and Group Tutoring - Tutors connect students that build comradery and support among members in small group settings and in Zoom.

►Our Tutoring goals are to help members/students to understand subject matters and learn to develop their potential in the future.

►1199 Training Fund Tutors employ unique academic game plans that are paired with the foundational knowledge and skills students need to conquer their educational goals.

Student career success is driven by a strategy that engages eligible 1199 member- communities by helping students identify, prepare for, and achieve meaningful work.