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Introduction to Keyboarding

This course is designed as a beginner keyboarding class to teach correct typing techniques and development of speed and accuracy. Faster keyboarding will drastically reduce your time typing your nursing notes, college essays, research papers, and other documents. What could you do with the extra time?

Announcement - New keyboarding class

Equipment needed: Desktop or laptop computer. MS Word or Google Docs or Notepad is needed on your computer.

Person typing on a laptop

To learn to type quickly and accurately will involve touch control of the keyboard. Once hand coordination has been created, you will feel more comfortable reaching for the keys, and with practice, your keystrokes will become automatic.

Keyboarding will build skills to utilize when keying searches for the Internet, learning computer application programs, and writing personal and work-related documents.

Contact: Alma Farnsworth if you have questions.

Introduction to Keyboarding